Our FAQs

Welcome to sweet southern hospitality!

So you need help? No problem, we'll take care of you. If you want, check out the Q & A section below to see if your answer can be found there. If you'd rather, contact our Wearhouse Support Team at support@wearhouse.cc.

What are your return & exchange policies? 
No bull. No fine print. No ifs, ands, or buts. Whether it’s your fault, our fault, or if something just isn’t right, we want to fix it. Before emailing us, check out our Return Policy for details. After doing so, email our Wearhouse Support Team at support@wearhouse.cc.

How do I cancel or edit a placed order?
Before you do anything, take a look at our Returns Policy page. After viewing that page, sign in to your account in the top right of the site. If the fulfillment status on your most recent order is listed as "unfulfilled", then contact our Wearhouse Support Team immediately at support@wearhouse.cc. If the fulfillment status is listed as "fulfilled", it has been picked up by the shipping carrier and you will need to wait for the order to be shipped.
Once received, email our Wearhouse Support Team at support@wearhouse.cc to return your item(s).

Are your lady shirts women’s cut or men's cut?
Most of our lady's designs are printed on a standard cut shirt. However, our fashion tees have a more fitted style. Check out the product description to find which type of shirt you’re looking at.

Will you donate to my charity or fundraiser?
Local Donations: We have a limited quantity of $20 gift cards that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These are available in markets where we have store locations. If you would like to apply for one of these donations, please contact us at support@wearhouse.cc. Include any details that will help us understand your event better. If your event is approved, and supplies are available, a gift card will be sent out from our Lexington, KY headquarters within 10 business days after receiving your request.
Corporate Donations: We believe in the importance of helping others and supporting local community. While there are many awesome organizations that we wish we could support, we corporately have prior commitments to several causes. 
As a privately owned business, please be aware that we will not donate to any organization or promotion that conflicts with our personally held religious beliefs.

How do we calculate the proceeds donated during a t-shirt campaign?
Each fundraising campaign is unique and has different expenses associated with its execution. These bigger expenses generally include the shirt cost, in bound shipping costs, ink, labor for printing, sorting/boxing, delivery, and shipping expenses. Nominal administrative expenses to collect, account, and distribute funds to the recipient are also a part of the cost. Time sensitive campaigns are more expensive to execute as they often require overtime work, and expedited shipping. After general, basic expenses associated with the campaign are estimated and accounted for, the approximate net proceeds amount is established based on what has sold.

Are you hiring at any of your locations?
We are always looking for honest, hard working people to join our team. Each of our stores handles the hiring for their own location. Use our Store Locator page to find the store you're curious about and give them a shout. They’ll let you know about their current hiring situation.

I have a great design idea that I would like to pitch to your company. 
We will spare you the legal jargon, but because of the complicated legal issues that come with producing officially licensed shirts, we are unable to accept design ideas from outside of our company.

Will you print one shirt with a design I came up with just for me?
Sorry about all the legal stuff again, but we still can’t print an outside design even if it’s just for you. Your best bet would be to contact your local custom screen printer.

Can I return an online order at one of your stores?
We would be happy to give your online purchase a refund or exchange at any of our stores.  Use our  Store Locator page to find the store nearest you.

My size isn't showing up. Are you sold out of it?
If you don’t see your size in the drop-down menu, then we are sold out at this time. Use our  Store Locator  page and try calling your nearest store to see if they still have your size. If they do, we'll be happy to hold it for the next 48 hours at that store.

When will you get more of my size in a certain style? 
Well, if it’s a new shirt that has been popular, we may restock it. If the shirt has been around for some time, we probably won’t reprint it-and the size selection gets limited until they're gone.

I am a vendor and have a product that I want to show you. Who do I contact?
We try to review as many products as we can before making purchases for our stores. Most decisions are made 6 months prior to our in store due date. Please email our Customer Service Team at support@wearhouse.cc with product information or to request a meeting.

If you are a media outlet interested in filming our production facilities or interviewing team members about Hot Market Merchandise, please contact us at support@wearhouse.cc.